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Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. 

~Author Unknown


How Can I Volunteer at Rockwell? 

Opportunities to get involved with your child's education are abundant!  Some volunteer jobs at Rockwell are with the PTA, some are in the classroom, some are assisting the school staff, and some are at special events. If every parent committed to finding something that works for them, our teachers, staff, PTA, and the children would benefit greatly. You will also benefit by getting to know the kids, other parents and the staff. 

Some examples of volunteer needs:

Classroom help: Might include room parent, art docent, weekly math/reading/spelling/library helper, occasional field trip chaperones, at-home help correcting tests or other special requests by teacher etc...

PTA Board Member: Hold a position on the board for a year (or more). Help make decisions surrounding our school and PTA. PTA board meetings occur once a month and are in the evening to accommodate working parents who are involved. General Membership Meetings occur approx 4 times during the school year. 

PTA Volunteers: Chair or co-chair a one-time event, organize an after school enrichment program, help out at special family events, work on the yearbook, etc...

Assisting around the School: Volunteers to help man the health room (greatly needed and appreciated), running club helpers at recess, helpers at school book fairs, picture day, vision screening day etc...


What if I work or have little ones at home, but still want to volunteer? 

If regular/weekly volunteering isn't possible at this time in your life, consider a more flexible opportunity that you can make work with your schedule. Typically field trips, class parties, and school events, are planned well in advance to allow parents time to arrange for child care or time off work if it's possible. Opportunities such as art docent, health room helpers etc are flexible and can be made to work with your schedule. PTA board meetings are in the evening to accommodate working parents who are involved. 

Get creative - if you have a small child at home, chances are other parents in your class do too!  Reach out to others and trade off play dates with the little ones so you can occasionally help out in your older child's class. Everyone wins!  

What about Dads and other family members (grandparents etc)?

Dads bring a different energy to volunteering and the kids absolutely love it when dads get involved at school, attend a field trip or help out in their classroom. We have dads serve on the PTA board, dads helping in the classrooms, art docents, and chaperoning field trips.  We appreciate our current dad volunteers but can certainly use plenty more! Grandparents and other family members are also welcome to volunteer at Rockwell!

HOW to volunteer? 

-Fill out your volunteer application today. You need to be volunteer-approved with the Lake Washington School District. It's quick and easy and can be done online or in the school office. Once you are approved, it is good for two years and then you will be sent a renewal notice.

-Contact your child's teacher, any PTA board member, and subscribe to the Bugle Newsletter & Facebook page for volunteer announcements. 

Miss an email?  Opportunities are listed in the Bugle Archive, and are also listed here (website account needed to sign up).



-Nothing you do for children is ever wasted - Garrison Keillor