Thank you for considering a role on Rockwell's PTA Board, chairing a position, or joining a committee.

We really need all of you to step up for Rockwell in 2020/21!


Board Members. Board members meet once monthly (typically on a Thursday evening to accommodate our working parents) and attend 4 General Membership Meetings per year.  Committee chairs may update the board members on their progress and are welcome, but not required, at any board meetings. All Board Member positions are in BOLD.

*We encourage and welcome more dads to our board and chair positions!

*Most positions can be shared with a co-chair! Grab a friend or your significant other and volunteer together!

With any questions at all, please email:  or anyone on the board or serving in the current role. We are happy to put you in touch with the current chair or board member so you can ask detailed questions about the role before committing.



President (elected)

? Preside at board and general membership meetings; Ensure local unit representation at council meetings
? Make appointments to Nomination, Financial Review and Dog Day committees
? Communicate, delegate and follow up on committee/Board information
? Perform duties listed in WSPTA Uniform Bylaws and the standing rules
? 10-25 hours per month (School year)
President -Elect (appointed) ? Train and develop under the supervision of President; Fill role of President in the absence of the President
?2-4 hours per month (School year)
PTA Nominating Committee Assists PTA in identifying new candidates for following year's Board. Requires some meetings and emails. Presents candidates to board and general membership for election. (Winter/Spring)
Membership Chair (appointed) ? Coordinates PTA memberships throughout the year; Communicates member benefits etc.
? Provides support to FACE committee, yearbook team, and Student Directory Chair as needed
? 1-3 hours per month (School year)
FACE Committee  Welcoming New families to Rockwell (FACE=Family and Community Engagement)
Treasurer (elected) ? Chair the budget committee- prepare for mid-year and year end financial review.
? Present budget report at monthly Board meetings and Quarterly General Membership meetings
? Maintain accurate records; issue receipts, make deposits promptly in an authorized account; disburse according to the approved yearly
budget; close the books on June 30th; Perform such other duties as may be provided for in the standing rules
? 10-25 hours per month (School year)
Secretary (elected) ? Plans meeting agendas with President; Keeps the minutes of board and general meetings.
? Implement banking changes upon new term for Treasurer & President; Track Board training; Record Standards of Affiliation
? 2-4 hours per month (School year)
Legislative Advocate (appointed) ? Keeps our school informed on matters affecting education on the local and state level via occasional Bugle articles, updates at meetings.
? Attend Legislative Assembly in October; Voting delegate
? 1-3 hours per month (School year)
Disability Awareness Chair (appointed) ? Informs school community of special needs resources, arranges a family meet and greet, organizes Disability awareness event and publishes
bi-monthly newsletter via the Bugle
? 1-3 hours per month (School year)
Director of Funds Allocation (appointed) ? Collects and presents grant requests from teachers/staff for consideration at Board and Membership meetings
? Works in tandem with Treasurer to track approved grants and align budget requirements
? 1-3 hours per month (School year)
VP of Communications (elected) ? Oversees communication to/from matters at Rockwell and provides assistance as needed to chairs of Bugle newsletter, Website, PTA Facebook page & Reader board. Update PTA events on LWSD tandem calendar as needed
? 4-10 hours per month (School year). Much less if there is a separate chair for the Bugle.
Beagle Bugle Newsletter Organizes weekly Bugle Newsletter. Knowledge of Constant Contact is helpful, but can be trained. Approx: 2 hours per week (Can be performed by the Communication VP or a chairperson)
Readerboard Regularly updates the readerboard at the front of the school. (a few times per month)
Website Admin Oversees all aspects of the website. Works closely with Communications VP and President. Assists with Back to Business Day "online packet" in summer. 1 hour/week and a little extra at the beginning of the year.
VP of Fundraising (elected) ? Oversees Pass The Hat Fundraiser and supports chairs for Dine outs; bi-annual Box Tops and Spirit Wear orders. Supports varying programs like Read A Thon,
Grant proposals and other passive income opportunities
? Present Pass the Hat at curriculum night
? 2-4 hours August/September; 1-2 hours per month (School year)
Spirit Wear Chair Coordinates Spirit Wear sale once to twice per year
Read-a-Thon Chair Coordinates and communicates details for school-wide read-a-thon fundraiser
Dine Out Chair Coordinates school-wide box tops collection/contests
Box Tops Chair Coordinates a fundraising Restaurant Night(s) or week with local businesses
VP of Academic Enrichment (elected) ? Works in partnership with school office to determine available class space; submit building use permits
? Oversees policies and communicates with chairs of after-school and enrichment programs: Art (Docent,Reflections & Smart with Art), Aspiring Authors, Chess, Coding, Math, Lego’s, Salmon & Spelling Bee
? 5-10 hours per month in August/September and December/January; 2 hours per month otherwise
Art Docent Program Chair The Art Docent program chair ensures each classroom has at least one (two preferred) art docent to deliver scripted lessons. Manages the supplies for the program and holds an initial training at the beginning of the year. Coordinates details of May Art Showcase.
Chess Club Chair Coordinates sign ups, registration details, and volunteer list. Communicates with office staff, webmaster and communications.
Cartooniversity Chair Coordinates sign ups, registration details, and volunteer list. Communicates with office staff, webmaster and communications.
Lego Engineering Chair Coordinates sign ups, registration details, and volunteer list. Communicates with office staff, webmaster and communications.
Snapology Chair Coordinates sign ups, registration details, and volunteer list. Communicates with office staff, webmaster and communications.
Math Challenges Chair Coordinates sign ups, lottery, and volunteer list. Communicates with office staff, webmaster and communications.
Art Reflections Chair Publicizes the annual art contest and provides forms. Collects artwork and ensures that they are judged, arranges a school-level display, and advances qualifying art to the council level.
Salmon in the Classroom Oversees salmon, tank & equipment January - May, arranges a parent volunteer schedule for fish feeding and release field trip.Someone with flexible daytime hours. This is a 4th grade program and is run by 4th grade parents. a 3rd grade parent can train now for next year!
VP of Volunteer Services (elected) ? Oversees chairs for Teacher Birthday lunches, PTA Awards Committee, Room Parent Chair, and Teacher Appreciation Week. Organizes lunch for volunteers of specific events.
? August/September 4-6 hours; 6-8 hours May/June
Hospitality lunches & Staff birthday lunches Organizes and sets up lunches for various volunteer events as well as two teacher bday lunches. Can be performed by VP or a separate chairperson.
PTA Awards Committee (Spring) Collects award nomination forms, determines winners of awards, works with staff on awards tea committee
Room Parent Chair Communicates with room parents reminders of upcoming events, provides a Fall training for Room Parents
 Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinates a fun teacher appreciation week in May. Communicates with staff, room parents, and communications team. *Making teachers happy
VP of School Services (elected) ? Oversees chairs of the following services that we provide for students: Emergency Prep, Vision/Hearing, and Picture Day
? Communicate with the chairs of services- normally an email once a month, ensure budgets are aligned
? Hours per service: Emergency Prep 5 hours total; Vision/Hearing 2 hours total; Picture Days 10-15 hours total
Yearbook Committee Year-round, coordinates all aspects of and compiles yearbook, communication with vendor and school community regarding sales of yearbooks.
Emergency Preparedness Inventory management of emergency supplies at school. Attend LWPTSA E-prep meetings. Communicates to school community via newsletter on occasion.
School Picture Day Chair Coordinates all aspects of Picture Day, communicates to school community and organizes volunteers
Vision/Hearing Screening Day Chair Coordinates Vision/Hearing Day, communicates to school community, and organizes volunteers
VP of Events (elected) ? Execute PTA events, oversee and provide assistance to event chairs; ensure events align with budget
? Work with committee chairs to ensure accurate/detailed notes, instructions, and financial records are kept
? VP oversees chaired events which include: Welcome Back Coffee, Back to School Food Truck BBQ, Movie Nights (2 per school year), Heritage Night, Bingo, Spring Dance, Spring
Musical, Math Night, 5th Grade Promotion, Ice Cream Social, Field Day
? 8-10 hours per month (School year)
5th Grade Promotion Chair (June) Decorates the Gym in advance of the 5th grade promotion in June, arranges for cake and water, ensures that the gym is cleaned up. Traditionally filled by incoming 4th grade or younger parents - so the 5th grade parents can just enjoy the day!
Back to School BBQ  Plans and executes fall BBQ
STEAM Night Coordinates new science/math night
Field Day (June) Plans Field Day, volunteer coordination, communicates with school community. Works closely with PE teachers.
Heritage Night Plans Heritage night (celebrating our international community, volunteer coordination, communication with school community
Ice Cream Social (May) Event is in conjunction with Art Docent Showcase and Used Book Sale. Order ice cream, toppings and supplies. Communicate with Teachers who volunteer for serving ice cream. Help out this year and you can train for next year!
Rockwell Musical (4th & 5th grades) Plans School Dance Party, volunteer coordination, communicates with school community and VP Events.
All School Dance Party Plans School Dance Party, volunteer coordination, communicates with school community and VP Events.
Welcome Back Coffee Held in the morning, the first week or two of school, by flagpole. The chair brings coffee, sets up, and arranges for volunteers to bring goodies. 


Norman Rockwell Elementary PTA Standing Rules:


11.  The elected officers (executive committee) of this unit shall be President, three (3) to six (6) Vice-Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer.
12.  The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee and the chairs of the following standing committees: Legislation, fundraising, communications, Funds Allocation, and Membership. All past unit Presidents may serve as non-voting resources to the Board of Directors.
13.  Any board position may be held jointly by two people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to a voice and vote at a Board of Directors meeting. The President shall be impartial and vote only in the event of a tie.