Frequently Asked Directory Privacy Questions

Who Can See My Family's Information?

The online PTA Membership Directory is only available to Norman Rockwell families and school staff who are paid PTA members of the current school year. If you would like access to the online directory, please join the PTA here!

The printed Student Directory is available for purchase through the PTA website here by any Norman Rockwell family or school staff for $5. Please note that each PTA member gets a paper copy for free as part of their membership. 

Who and what is shown in the directory?

The online PTA Membership Directory will only include students of families who have created an account on the PTA website ( You can choose what household info you would like to be visible in the online directory (ie. you can hide your address from showing in the online directory), see more info on that below.

The printed Student Directory will only include students whose parent has completed a PTA Permissions form by September 30th and given permission for their student to be included in the printed Student Directory.  The Student  Directory includes the student name, parent email, and parent phone number.

How to Restrict Account Information that will appear in the online PTA Membership Directory

For the online directory, you can restrict what information is shown. Click here for instructions on how to do so.

More Questions?

For more information please contact PTA Membership Directory Chair and Student Directory Chair, Leslie Edmunds, at