Please join us in celebrating our wonderful teachers during teacher appreciation week this year!  The PTA is sponsoring a wide variety of activities to show our teachers how much we appreciate them!   See the following list for ways you and your child can participate through the week.  I will specifically need some volunteers to help the luncheon succeed.  Please use this link to sign up to help or provide a food item or beverage.  [inset link here]

May 7- Kids bring cards
           Breakfast by the IA’s

May 8- Luncheon (Volunteer sign-up here:
           Kids bring flowers

May 9- Kids bring a fruit or veggie for their teachers.

May 10- Baseball Themed Day
             Kids dress in favorite team wear  and bring snacks to share.  Label for allergies.  Baseball themed snacks appreciated.  
             Room parents providing teachers with a favorite bagged lunch.

May 11- Coffee Cart for teachers
             Teacher gifts from room parents

Thank you for everything you all do to make this week special!  Please feel free to contact me or your room parents with questions.

Karen Hernan,