In light of recent safety concerns and heightened awareness within our school community, we want to shine a spotlight
on our current Paw Patrol program. While the intent is centered around engaging students and encouraging safe
behavior before the bell rings, the significance of the program highlights the importance of your presence at the school
in regard to safety and security. Yes, research shows having a parent involved at a child’s school boosts learning and
confidence. Yes, volunteering aids in completing tasks, building relationships and sets a lifelong example of service
within your community. Most importantly however, our ask for volunteers comes with an unspoken rule of while you
are here, be aware. Be present. Be the person these students rely on and trust if there ever is an emergency.
Parents want to know what they can do to better prepare and protect kids from the unknown.

As the PTA President, my answer for elementary level parents is this; The biggest, most effective thing you can do for the safety and security of your children is to be present – be here - volunteer.
PTA provides multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the day; Paw Patrol, Lunchroom, Recess, Feeding salmon,
After school programs… these all offer you insight as to who is in the building, what “normalcy” looks like in the halls and
most importantly, these offer the kids a glimpse into who is present, who is engaged and who is looking out for them.
Our efforts work together. PTA, staff and administration encourage you to support our Paw Patrol program as a first
step of taking action. Paw Patrol has been in place since December with only one volunteer.

My hope is that this explanation of what role volunteers have at Rockwell brings forward more volunteers because let’s face it, the more visibility we have as parents at the school, the better!

Paw Patrol is intended to engage families and partner with the school to welcome, support and protect all
students upon arrival every morning 8:10-8:30am.
Adults (parents,grandparents, neighbors, community members) will be wearing safety vests, walkie talkies
and walking the perimeter of the school to:
-Boost social behavior by greeting kids with a welcoming “hello”.
-Encourage students to be safe, respectful, responsible and kind.
-Enhance safety by reinforcing school rules while monitoring the area.
-Ensure students are lined up for class when the bell rings.

The first week of Paw Patrol was a BIG success! Our Paw Parent, Romina, was delighted to have younger
students wave, say “hi” and engage in small talk. The older students were aware of her presence and even a
staff member thanked Romina for keeping an eye on everyone.

Do you want to be involved? Care to be a friendly face to greet our students? Join Paw Patrol!
Paw Patrol training takes 5-10 minutes. Once you sign up, Stacy will contact you with a training date.
LWSD Volunteer Application must be approved. Sign up for a month or just a week: Volunteer here!

*You can volunteer once a week, every day, or whenever works for you!