PTA Fundraising is 80% to goal - - we need your support!

Rockwell’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has a responsibility to enrich each student’s academic experience beyond the basic education funded by Lake Washington School District (LWSD) provides.

Why does PTA ask for $85 per student?

$83 for in-class enrichment + $21 additional school benefits + $7 administrative fees= $111 actual per student cost*

As you can see, each student and teacher benefits from your $85 contribution per year. In fact, the asking donation amount does not fully cover the cost and growing population. We started the year with 635 students, we now have 652. To cover the remaining balance, PTA hosts additional fundraisers like Dine Out, Box Tops, Read A Thon and School Pool.  (Please note, PTA events like Bingo, Dance, Heritage night and Food Trucks do not raise funds; these events are currently managed as not for profit.)

To date we have reached 80% of our fundraising goal. We are very grateful for those whom have donated and appreciative of those who corporate matched! First and foremost, these donations have funded classroom enrichment. PTA in partnership with Rockwell Elementary strives to create a community benefitting all families. We’ve built a strong foundation for our student’s education and wellbeing. Therefore, we understand not all families are financially able to contribute $85, but hope those that can, will.


Due to the 20% deficit in direct donations this year, we were forced to reduce or cut programs**. While it is a tough decision to make, we must be diligent and proactive with our financial management in order to maintain the PTA’s future. Something we have considered in order to increase funding, is to move away from our annual Pass the Hat campaign and initiate more traditional fundraising like selling cookie dough, gift wrap, candy bars/popcorn, host fun runs and auctions. (Years ago, it was an intentional decision to stray away from having kids make door to door sales due to the burden it takes to run these programs put upon parents and PTA.)

At this time, we are asking families to please make your donations as soon as possible in order to reduce the risk of additional cuts or asking students to make sales.  DONATE NOW! or write your check out to Norman Rockwell PTA.

Norman Rockwell PTA is a non-profit 501 (s)3 organization. As such, all donations should be tax deductible.

All donations made this year effect this year’s programs and students.            Thank you for your support!


*Classroom enrichment                                                       $83 per student

Grade level grants:                                           $36 per student

Includes Class library, Field Trips, Library, Music, PE, Spec ED, Toymaker, etc…                                  


Additional Classroom/School Enrichments: $32 per student

Includes Art Docent, Author visits, Disability Awareness,

Emergency Preparedness/Safety patrol, Field Day, Math Challenge, Science Van, etc…


Academic Grants:                                             $15 per student

Includes Dream Box, National Geographic & Scholastic Magazine,

Running Club/Fitness calendars, etc…


Additional School Benefits:                                                  $21 per student

Art Reflections, Scholarships, Spelling, Teacher funding/appreciation         


Administration Fees:                                                           $7 per student      

Bugle, Dog Days, Tax Preparation, Training


TOTAL COST PER STUDENT                                    $111 total per student      


**Budget cuts:                                                                                                

Art of discovery, Assemblies, Legislative Donation, Miscellaneous supplies.

Many of the above additional benefit programs have been reduced.