Although we are only four months into the school year, the time to find the 2018-19

Board of Directors for Rockwell PTA is officially now!

  • Three volunteers are asked to work together to seek the best Board candidates.
  • You can nominate yourself to be on the Nominations Committee or you can be nominated into the leadership role by someone else.
  • Once cleared by the Board, you are voted into position on January 18th at the General Membership Meeting.
  • Task: Attend LWPTSA training, build a pool of qualified candidates, interview, maintain confidentiality and present final Board of Directors slate on April 26th.
  • If you have been affected by the boundary change, this would be good experience to bring to North Redmond. (more information on that in a future article).
  • If you are interested in sitting on the Board next year, the “Nom Comm” will send out a request for your information. Stay tuned!
  • MSFT/Boeing employees submit your volunteer hours and donate the $25/hour to PTA.


At least three of you reading this, please consider this role. It is very important and very time sensitive.

Contact Stacy Hatch (by December 15th)