Calling all math enthusiasts who are in grade 4 and 5! We are forming Ellipsis Math Classes for those who are interested in advancing and sharpening their math skills beyond their classroom.  Ellipsis Math provides students with excellent mathematics advancements while also providing the opportunity for students to participate at local and state-wide math competitions such as Math Challenge Tournament, Math is Cool, Math Bonanza, and Washington Math Olympiad and prepares them with the right skills to be competitive.

The program requires student to commit year-round (Sep-May) as most team competitions will be held in Spring 2019.

Interested students are required to take the free placement test which will be held on September 8 at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology (Kirkland campus).

To sign up for the test, go to: Sign up Ellipsis Math Placement Test

For more information about the program, please view this flyer and visit