My name is Jamie Kivela and am Norman Rockwell’s Disability Awareness Chair. My overall role is being the
local PTA liaison between Lake Washington School District (LWSD) and Rockwell students who are receiving
special education services. Within this role, I will be providing communication to Rockwell families of available
resources and pertinent meetings surrounding special education offered by LWSD and/or other disability
organizations in the area.

I’m reaching out to YOU this year to request the following:

  1. Volunteer to help me with the Disability Pride booth during Heritage Night. Depending on interest, I envision volunteers to join me at the booth in half our increments (or more if you want). This will be a fun and engaging way to show proudness of our differences and disabilities. Kids who want to show their disability pride are highly encouraged to help at the booth!
  2. Your contact info if you would like to receive emails from me on parent meet ups, kiddo playdates, and other family casual get togethers. I am trying to coordinate ways to build additional relationships within our community among families with kids with disabilities. I’m envisioning us coming together to embrace and foster new and existing friendships and holding productive community based dialogue surrounding disability inclusion.

If you are interested in either of the above, please contact me! You can find more information here.


Jamie Kivela

PTA Disability Awareness Chair