How do I see a report of products that sold, volunteers for my event, etc?

Send a mail to with the following info:

  1. What report you need (e.g. Volunteer list for Running Club)
  2. Do you need the ability to send email blasts (e.g. “Yes”)
    1. If choosing this option, please make sure your email is correct under the program page so that emails will be sent from you (and not the webmaster J)


Once given access to the report, next time you login, you will see this page and while viewing your report, you can download a .csv (to export to excel) or send email blasts:

Depending on the needs of your position you will have more than one report, everyone should have one at the beginning of the year.

  • To open a report, click or select the name of the report.
  • To export the details (name, position, email, phone numbers) use the download button inside the open report.
  • To email your volunteers select the checkbox next to their name and click the send email button inside the open report. o An email editor will open, change the from email address to be the email you want people to reply to, and send your email like you normally would.
    • It’s recommended that you send at least your initial email from the website (it is more official to users).