Rockwell PTA has been so fortunate this past year to have had almost every chairperson/volunteer role filled!  We thank everyone for their involvement and dedication to our school! When parents are involved, kids have a better school experience!

In addition to the important board roles (mentioned in the article above) that need filling, we also have chairperson openings. We encourage every dad, mom, grandparent and caregiver to consider how you can help! Any chair position can be shared with another person. 

Next year we are losing a very large number of our current volunteers to both the boundary change and graduation. We'll need lots of new people to step in to help out at Rockwell!

Full List of positions here. 

Current Chairs: If you will be leaving, it would be extremely helpful if you can find and train a replacement. If you have found someone, please send us an email and let us know. Thanks!